Schooling in Western Australia

​​There are a wide range of options for schooling in Western Australia for children who are of compulsory school age. These options include:

  • public education in government schools
  • private education in independent schools
  • home schooling.

Information about alternatives to schooling can be found here.

Public education / Government schools

Educational programmes in the public education system are administered by the Department of Education through:

  • public schools
  • independent public schools (IPS)
  • community kindergartens.

The Department of Education conducts reviews of independent public schools.

For general information about public education, please refer to the Western Australian Department of Education.

Non-government schools

Non-government schools whose registrations expire prior to 2 February 2016 will be inspected and re-registered by the Minister for Education and Training through the Department of Education.

With effect 2 February 2015, new, changing and renewal of registrations (expiring after 2 February 2016) will be registered by the Director General of the Department of Education.

The department provides a range of information for parents and communities about non-government schools, including a guide for parents.

Non-government school education in Western Australia falls into two categories:

  • Catholic schools
  • independent schools.

Find out more about the various types of non-government schools.

Home schooling

A parent of a child of compulsory school age (Pre-primary - Year 12) may be registered as the child's home educator.

The Western Australian Department of Education registers home educators and provides comprehensive information about home schooling on its website.

International students

Further information for international students can be found here.


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