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Registration of non-government schools

​​​​​​​​Non-government schools are required to be registered by the Director General of the Department of Education Services (DES).

The requirements for registration are specified in Part 4 of the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000.

Registration provides assurance to parents and the community that non-government schools meet the standards determined by the Minister for Education and other requirements as outlined in the Guide to the Standards and Other Requirements for Non-government Schools 2016.

Ongoing obligations

Registered schools must:

  • observe the standards throughout the period of their registration
  • notify the Director General of DES of any changes to the membership of the governing body or the constitution (Notification form) (Statutory Declaration)
  • comply with any conditions and directions on the school registration certificate
  • provide information on request within the given timeline
  • surrender expired, replaced or cancelled registration certificates.

Renewing registration of an Independent school

An Independent school can be registered for periods of between one and five years. Once registered, the school must periodically apply to the Department of Education Services to have its registration renewed.

Renewal of registration is one of the principal processes through which the Director General can be satisfied that a school continues to observe the standards determined by the Minister and the other registration requirements, as outlined in the Guide to the Standards and Other Requirements for Non-government Schools 2016.

The application for renewal of registration must be made on the approved form  at least six months before, but no more than 12 months before, the current registration's expiry date. Provided an application is made in time, the school's registration continues until the Director General makes a decision on the application.

Click here for the Overview of the application process for renewal of registration in 2016.

School registrations generally, and logically, expire at the end of a calendar year. For practical reasons and to accommodate circumstances in particular schools, registration visits are scheduled throughout the preceding 6-8 months.

Changing registration

Changes to the registration of non-government schools have to be approved by the Director General before they are implemented.

The changes to which this requirement applies are:

  1. The name of the school
  2. The address of the school, without a change of location
  3. Reduction of the year levels of education provided
  4. Change of curriculum or addition of a curriculum
  5. The name (and identity) of the governing body
  6. Addition of one or more year levels of education provided
  7. Addition of a campus or school site
  8. Change of school location.

To enable the Director General to evaluate an application for one or more registration changes, an application for registration change can be obtained by contacting Manager, Regulation (Schools and Early Childhood) Phone (08) 9441 1942.

An application for registration change must be submitted at least 6 months before the proposed implementation date of the change unless the Director General approves a shorter timeframe.


Registration changes 6, 7 and 8 in the list above are 'significant' registration changes. An application for registration change cannot be made to the Director General in respect of these changes unless an advance determination is first obtained from the Minister for Education.

Application Form

Application for advance determination to make a significant registration change​

For further information about advance determination you may contact Brad Viney at brad.viney@des.wa.gov.au.

An application for an advance determination for a significant registration change must be submitted at least 18 months before the proposed implementation date of the change unless the Minister approves a shorter implementation timeframe. A request for approval of a shorter timeframe should be made in writing and addressed to the Minister for Education.

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