Ashdale Secondary College,<img alt="Ashdale Secondary College students" src="/SiteCollectionImages/AshdaleSC.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Austin Cove Baptist College students, Austin Cove Baptist College students<img alt="Austin Cove Baptist College students" src="/SiteCollectionImages/HeroAustinCoveBaptistCollege.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Beldon Primary School, Beldon Primary School<img alt="Beldon Primary School" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Beldon Primary School.jpeg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Edith Cowan University - Joondalup, Edith Cowan University - Joondalup<img alt="Edith Cowan University" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Edith%20Cowan%20University.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Primary school library learning, Primary school library learning<img alt="Primary school library learning" src="/SiteCollectionImages/PrimarySchoolLibrary.jpeg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">

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Independent Public Schools, Independent Public Schools
Annual report 2014, Annual report of the Department of Education Services 2014
Non-Government Schools, Non-Government Schools
International Education, International Education
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
DES Staff Email Login, DES Staff Email Login

​​​​​​​The Department of Education Services offers important services to education in Western Australia, supporting universities, schools, international education providers and training systems.



TRBWA, TRBWA<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Teacher Registration Board of Western AustraliaTeacher Registration in Western Australia
Training Accreditation Council,<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER: 0px solid; "><p>Providing a client-focussed regulatory service for the vocational education and training sector in WA.</p>
RREAC, Rural and Remote Education Advisory Board<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/DES_FeatureTilesList/AllItems/rreac.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Rural and Remote Education Advisory Board<p>​A consultative Council providing advice to the Minister for Education on education and training issues and developments in rural and remote Western Australia​</p>
Recent reports and publications, Recent reports and publications<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/ReusableContent/Content%20Preview/StrategicPlanImgSml159x132px.png" width="159" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">​Download and view the latest publications and reports.