The School Education Act 1999 recognises the right of parents to choose to educate their children in schools other than those conducted by the State. Nevertheless, the State Government has a responsibility to safeguard the basic interests of the young and the wider community. This responsibility is exercised through State supervision of the operation of all schools to ensure that reasonable educational standards are observed.

In order to be registered under the Act, non-government schools must demonstrate that their educational program, premises, resources, qualifications of teaching staff, management practices, and so on, meet acceptable standards.

Registration is a pre-requisite to the provision of funding and other support services provided by the State and Commonwealth Governments. Non-government schools can be registered for periods of between one and seven years. Once registered, schools must periodically apply to have their registration renewed.

Details of the standards that non-government schools must satisfy in order to be registered under the Act and the procedures to be followed for the registration or re-registration of non-government schools are available in the following documents.

pdf Non-government Schools Registration Standards and Requirements 2014 (pdf 753k)

EbookRenewal of Registration for your School
pdf Renewal of Registration for your School

pdf Procedures for establishing and registering non-government schools (pdf 46k)

Relevant application forms can be accessed using the following link.

Application forms