International Education Conciliation Service

The Department offers a free independent conciliation/ mediation service through the International Education Conciliator. Through conciliation, mediation and dispute resolution processes the Conciliator attempts to resolve disputes between international students and their institutions.

The Conciliator is able to discuss issues of concern at any stage of the internal complaints and appeals procedure, however, will not become involved in the case until the parties have attempted to resolve the dispute themselves and that attempt has failed.

The International Education Conciliator does not replace the providers internal appeal process (as discussed in Standard 8.1 of the National Code) but is an adjunct service for both students and providers. The Conciliator does not provide an external appeal mechanism as described in Standard 8.3 of the National Code.

Information provided to the Conciliator is confidential but may be shared with other government agencies and other relevant organisations in the following circumstances:

  • The party asks for or gives permission for the information to be shared with another organisation;
  • It is required or authorized by law;
  • Disclosure is necessary for law enforcement;
  • Disclosure will prevent harm to another person; and
  • It is reasonably believed to be in the public interest.

If either a student or a member of staff at an institution would like to discuss a particular case with an independent person, they can contact the International Education Conciliator by telephone on 08 9441 1900, facsimile 08 9441 1901 or email

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